Marisol Santana – Modesto, California California


|| I was introduced to this homewrecker Marisol and i was told that she was married for 7 years with 3 kids with 3 different babies dads. Also was told that she’s a total freak/nympho. That she still fucked her first baby dad. She couldn’t get enough dick she’d call him all the time and if he didn’t answer she’d keep calling until she got some dick before going home to her husband. And she would take trips to the casino in Sonora and would socialize with other men until she got laid at least once before leaving home to her husband. Marisol once fucked 3 different guys at Black Oak Casino. On top of it all she’s a big pot head. And she admitted to me that not once she paid for it, its commonsense how she got it for free. So like i said i got introduced to her and i figured shit i want to hit it too and take a wild guess how i got to hit it so easily…. bought her some pot and yeah that’s all it took. And since then she’d come over on her way home to her family at least 4 to 6 times a week for a month straight. Then i put an end to it because it bothered me knowing she’d go home freshly fucked and with dick breath and she’d have no shame what so ever. She even facetimed me in the morning laying down naked with her husband sleeping RIGHT NEXT TO HER! And that’s where i drew the line. So pretty much she’s a homewrecker to her self and her own house. And now that I’m trying to start a relationship with another woman that’s heading in a good direction she’s doing everything she can to ruin it.

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By Ronald

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