Marina Devalia – Marina the Scam Manager

Marina Devalia with hired me for a job doing mone transfers with the company she managed.It was a simple process, her company dealt with transfers of money from eBay purchases to the seller by Paypal.My duty as a Manager of the protection system. was to oversee each transaction. I earned 4% commission on each transaction. On one of my first transactions, I had to hold $3,000 in an account for a seller named Rommel Escueta. I took care of everything. The process went smoothly, but I then received a dispute claim. The buyer did not get their item. If this happened. I was to pay out of pocket.Little did I know, this was part of Marina’s scheme. I was to pay her the amount so she could pay the buyer back. The buyer never received their money. She kept it. SHe really had a huge scam of an operation going on. | Whatever you do, don’t work for her. She will take your money too, whether it is a real transaction or not.

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