Mariann Swain – The Casting Swine Indiana


This woman has no bounds. She makes everyone at works life hell. You cannot trust her around your man cause she will straight up sleep with him in the bathroom, which is also where she eats her lunch…ew! The only relief we get is she abuses her FMLA so she only works about 2 and a half days a week. I assume she is out catching something during her off time. She has 3 kids all with different dads. At one point all three of them worked at Chrysler but now only one is left. Supposedly she got the other two fired. She was suppose to be my friend. Instead, she taught me how to crochet just so she can meet and screw anyone I am interested in. She’s cost me two men so far but hell, I guess she did me a favor. I just got married and I won’t let her near him, ever. The ‘Swine’ name is something the Team Leads at work have her. No one wants to work with her because she is absolutely useless. She’s gotten so big over the last 3 years that she can’t flirt her way out of work anymore. Keep your Chrysler men away from her! She will get her nasty claws into them, get herself knocked up, and then sue them for child support.

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By Ronald

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