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My husband and I had been married 22 years when he decided to hire this particular homewrecker as his staff at his store in Oakdale, CA. He was great as her manager and things seemed fine at the start. He knew she was having an affair with the Regional Manager so he didn’t have any interest in her. By the way, the Regional Manager is about the same age as my husband and ALSO married. Her affair with the Regional Manager granted her a promotion to be a store manager herself. Being that she wasn’t ready to run her own store, he had to do most of the work for her. || Well, mysteriously, he lost his job. Once he was gone, she started directing her attention to my husband to run her store for her instead. Using the same flirty techniques, he was there for her. Next thing, they are on the phone all the time, she is texting him and he doesn’t want me seeing their texts. Being that they are both managers, they spend quite a bit of time together at manager’s meetings and any excuse they can come up with. Every outing involved drinking in which my husband was paying for all of her drinks. She was clearly using him but being that she is 21 years younger than him and giving him so much attention, he didn’t seem to mind. || I was fed up and moved myself and my daughter out to give him a reality check. Only one month after I left, he had her spending the night with him. He also worked at his parent’s bar so she was just going to”help” him but conveniently, her home was too far away to drive to after so she HAD to spend the night with him, in which she chose his bed. They had an affair for quite some time all the while my husband was still reaching out to me. He knew she really didn’t care about him but he was sucked in. I gave him an option to get back with me if he terminated all ties with her. He stopped calling her on his personal phone right away but he is just now finally getting a transfer from his store to a store out of her area. || I can only hope she is out of our lives forever but I love the idea of this site allowing me to expose her so she can be revealed as the horrible tramp that she is. I would love for her to not be allowed to cause any other family to go through the horror my family has been through because of her.

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By Ronald

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