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Me and my husband Rob Wixom have been together for 22 years married for 17. We have 3 beautiful girls and 2 beautiful granddaughters. I got a phone call last years asking me if I knew a girl named Maria I said yes why your husband just left my house to go get her that they had been seeing each other for awhile. She knows he’s married. He then started leaving for the weekends always saying that he was at his friends Clint and jaymies. I started to track him using google plus every time I look he was at her house. He parked his truck on the opposite street from her house then when I caught him he tired saying he was with her cousin Joe Salazar. Then I found his trucked parked 2 mins away in apartment building so I took his truck. I started going thru his phone. Maria was sending him messages telling him how good of pussy he licks and that he needs to go to the doctor to see why he can’t get his dick hard. He’s telling Maria how he misses her and loves her. I confronted him he said it was her cousin Joey Sandoval they were just joking around. he tries tell me that nothing is going on he wants to work on are marriage but how do you work on a marriage me you never come home which he has stopped coming home. I have found his truck over at her house constantly. He says I just parked it there. I know he is lying please help me thank you I have attached pics of all of us thank you

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By Ronald

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