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|| My name is Rebekah Welch 25 with two beautiful boys by my husband Thomas Welch. This is where my story begins from the beginning. Me and my husband married in 2008 it was a decent relationship but everyone relationship has their own issues i found out he was talking to other woman online while i was pregnant with my second child in 2011. i ended up cheating i wont lie about that but things we so bad which isn’t a excuse i did what i did and i cant take that back. well lets get to the now we split up around 2011, we had a lot of problems and we got married so young. we stayed apart for almost two years. then we decided to try and again and make it right this time because we were truly in love with each other, so i thought. well we got back together and started living together, and my mom offered us to live with her in Fl. we’re from ohio. we decided this would be a great new start for our family. so in August 11th 2014 is when we started our life in Fl. everything was going so great! we got to take our kids to the ocean for the first time they loved it. we got to see Orlando we never made it to Disney world. Then the summer started to wrap up and my older son started Kindergarten he loved it his first friend was Kenny Pinzino they loved each other, but before they even hung out outside of school we haven’t met his mother or father yet. my son had a APPT meeting at his school i believe it was in late September. Me and my husband attended together because at that time he wasnt working yet and could go. Well that is the day my life changed…. || We met Kenny’s mother Maria Pinzino she was extremely nice to our family. we became close, we went to her house for cookouts and swimming with my oldest my other son was in ohio with my mother for two months. she even came to our house and made dinner one time and we had a drinking day once both nights she spent the night. i didnt think anything of it because like i said me and my husband were starting over and we needed to have the trust there. then in October she took me and my oldest son trick or treating with her son and my husband was at work. So to me it seemed like me and her were alright friends. She never asked about my husband in a way that made it seem suspicious. then we didnt hang out as much she started working me and my husband were going to school for our GEDs and he was working and my son was also going to school, and my mom came back into town so i had my youngest son back so things were a little crazy. In December we had another APPT meeting at my sons school and i called her to see if she wanted to go with me because my husband had to work she said yes and picked me up. Me and my husband started having problems around that time he wasnt helping around the house or with the kids. He would stay up all night and sleep all day i just thought he was playing Call of duty Zombies the games last a few hours. But it was either the day of the APPT meet or a few days before he bought me a rose i guess to say he still cares about me. My family in my house knew about the rose and that day i Told Maria Pinzino about the rose she seemed like she was happy for me. okay lets get to how i found out everything on January Thursday the 8th 2015. i had a doctors appointment so i went to that in the morning, then i came home and was looking through paperwork i found i had to get online and fill something out for my medical insurance. i didnt want to do it on my phone so i used my moms computer which no one hardly used that i knew of. well i had to verify my email address so i went to and it signed me right into my husband account and thats where i found him talking to male hookers and asking to meet up with him! so that day i kicked him ass out but he cut my moms computer cord so i couldnt find out what he was doing with her. well my smart self that i am decided to just check my oldest sons phone and again i got into his email i found his POF account and his KIK account. so i did forget passwords on both of them to find out more well he deleted all the stuff off the POF account. so i checked the KIK account and load behold theres a message from a woman name babygurlxxxxx this is what it basically said. || She told me about the rose today and that the card said i love you honey. its funny how after i broke it off. your willy to make it work with her after you said how bad your marriage was. I’m not the married one you are. so im doing to do me. but not ever doubt that i love you because i do i just cant do this. || that was on 12/20/2014 then a few days another one saying she misses him and then another saying she loves him || like i said Maria Pinzino is the only one i told about the rose besides who is in my House before i found this out she blocked me on facebook which i thought was VERY odd. then i text her about what i found and she admitted to all of it and claims they never had sex. well im sorry but no one just loves someone without touching in some kind of way! i dont know much about what they did but im assuming she was coming over while me and my kids were sleeping he was using my phone at night to call her because hes a bum and doesnt have a phone. || i went off on her! i dont understand how they both didnt think of our children! i even asked her what are you going to tell kenny when he askes why my sons father in now sleeping in mommys bed! || Im writing this because people deserve to hear about this women. i have never meet suck a conniving piece of garbage in my life! now i have to see this women everyday when i pick up my son. i guess my husband went back to ohio thank god! and he will probably never see my kids again because thats just how he is. he wont see them and gets jobs under the table so he doesnt have to pay child support. || And yes i do understand it takes to people to cheat and i know how my husband was before we tried again so on his part it wasnt so shocking to me. I am sad for my kids but they are better off. Now her on the other hand to sit in my face and befriend me and my children taking us trick or treating and the park without him is so wrong! and i could never forgive a person like her! || Well this is my story thank you for listening because sometimes its just nice to get it all off your chest!

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