Maria Morales (Lolis Sotelo) Texas Texas


She’s not who she shows to be, she got involved with my husband knowing he was married. She knew because I had confronted her one day before she took my husband to her house. When my husband and I had problems, she would talk to him and be a”friend” to him and invited him to her house as a”friend”. Her intentions were others cause a single mother would not take a man to her house just because she wants to be a friend. By the way my husband is not a bad looking man that’s why I know that no girl would just want to be friends with him. He fell for that”caring” person that that’s how he ended cheating on me. One day I confronted both and I told him I was leaving him. That never happen because he left her that same day and followed me home because he didn’t want to loss his family over her. || As time has passed, things have been hard because it’s not easy to forgive but he has stood by me and he has cried and begged and done anything he can to ask for my forgiveness, till now he still tells me sorry and shows me he loves and care for me and my kids. He has even joined us to our church to show me that if he puts god first he will put us first too. We are happy, and we have moved on. Just because I forgave my husband doesn’t mean I’m a stupid person for taking him back, once you go through it you understand why some people do it. || On the other hand this women who by the way is almost 10yrs older than my husband, knew better, she knew he was married and stilled tried to get him back with her. During this cheating time my husband had depression so he could of leaned on anyone who was there to listen to him and she knew it and took advantage of that, this is no excuse for him but you don’t know what depression does to you and in his case, he believed he had a friend with her, but that’s all she wanted. She found a way to get close to him and got what she wanted. My husband was that person you would never believe he would cheat on anyone. I knew he was cheating on me because it wasn’t him, he seem sad, thinking too much and distracted. Just be careful who you get close to because not everyone wants to be your friend, some just have other intentions.

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By Ronald

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