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I don’t know exactly where to start so, I will give a brief summary of our past. We met when I was 15. Dated when I was sixteen. Married & welcomed our first little love in 2008. I was eighteen and he was nineteen. || Our relationship wasn’t perfect… But he was for me. We were young and already had SO much responsibility. We had our fights just like any couple. We welcomed a second little love within a year (2009). More responsibilities…. we didn’t have much support. We basically had to figure out life together. We have gone through what most people in general would go through their whole life’s. This man gave me the world when we had nothing. He is an amazing father. Always playing & devoted to them. || *2009* We moved to Everett, WA. To find better jobs. Better future for our kids. With our move it strained or relationship. I found two jobs. It was hard for him to find any…No criminal or anything bad, so, don’t go all over. But he took care of our two kids. We moved into our own apartment, (at the time we lived with my brother). Neighbors told him about a job and this is where he meet her. She has a cousin who works there. He’s basically the head honcho. (Guy) || They started talking. She would tell him she was having issues with her husband & he so forth with me. She confided in him so much & she thought he was her way out of her marriage. They would talk after work in her car. || After a day she asked him to go back to her house & f**k her. He couldn’t even get it up… The two times it happened. He said it would take him minutes and all she would tell him”It’s okay.””Take your time.” She told him that his d**k was much bigger than her husband’s. || While this encounter was happening… I was visiting my sister in another town. The second time it happened…she came back to his car to say good bye & to talk. This person has the nerve to tell my husband to LEAVE ME & MY CHILDREN. Since he never released his juices, it probably went back up to his brain & realized what he was doing. He told her he couldn’t deal with the drama & he would never leave me for someone he didn’t care about. She left crying from the car. || The drama meaning HER husband found out about them f**king in his house in his bed. He went to his job to confront my husband. But managers never let him on the property. Also another relative who worked there confronted my husband. The affair lasted less than two weeks. And she was fired within that week. || I never knew until just a few weeks ago. The devastation, regret, & just his utter cry let’s me know I have full control of this relationship. I have seen his soul more clearer now. He knows I will no longer trust him but I will not have him on a leash. || He knows if he talks to another woman, flirts, googly eyes, winks, touches… I’M GONE. No explanation needed. You ask if he held it for two years how will I know now… Because I had a gut instinct that was there but didn’t last long…. If I get that again. I’m following it this time. || It took me awhile to forget & move forward. But i did…. || I laugh because she has the body of a little boy. I therefore have a nice 36C perky breasts & a nice bubble butt. And after having kids, have a nice physique all together. I was shocked. I didn’t know what I was suppose to do. My first response was leave his dumbass. You deserve way better. If he did it once he’ll do it again. A cheater always a cheater. So much… || I put 90% of the blame on my husband alone. He knew his vows, he knew our story, he knew that I was madly in love with him. He had a life. But he destroyed it for some person. || I have called this person every name in English & Spanish. She will pay her debt in life… If not now later, but she will reap what she sews. || Yes, I took my husband back because I believe in second chances. I believe this man loves me unconditionally. We lost ourselves and our relationship in this challenge we had as young adults. || I just want wife’s out there to know of her. She is something else that I’ve personally ever came across. She knew about me and our kids but she still pursued him. Just goes to show how she feels about herself. But still 90% is his fault. But she is still responsible and just want wives to watch how there man is around her…she’ll try and take him within hours and leave you with bills. || She lives in Mount Vernon but I guess works around Everett. She’s still”happily married” but who knows….

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