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I started noticing my husband a little distant, more focused on his phone than me and our daughter who was 1 year old.. when ever I told him to leave his phone he just complained and ignored me this went on for 5 months.. after that he returned to normal, he played with our daughter, went out for dinner weekly he even bought me a dog that I had my eve on for a while… but that happiness was short lived because after that we were panning my daughter 2 birthday party and he again went distant, but this time I refused to stay quiet I confronted him about his distance between us and the fact that he was always on his phone texting away.. he said that he was texting friends but I didn’t belive him anymore… his friends wouldn’t be texting him at midnight.. || I when he fell asleep that night I took the password of his phone and looked through it.. I had never done that before.. but I found out that he was cheating on me.. he was texting a girl named maria maravilla ..she would call him babe and my love.. I copied her number and texted he later confronting her to see if she knew he was married, she answerd back that yes she did but she didnt care after I confronted her she changed her fb screen name to mayte maravilla. So I told my husband the next day that I knew everything.. that he was cheating on me with that girl to be polite and not call her names.. he denied it but I showed him his messages.that’s when he confessed that he had been taking to her, but that they weren’t nothing.. I didn’t belive him anymore so I kicked him out of the house.. 6 months later he moved back in saying he sorry and regretted everything.. I had him go get checked for stds and hiv because everywhere I go there is people saying that they have slept with her..

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By Ronald

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