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My husband of fourteen years and father of our four children was having an online affair with Maria D. Whitman for over a year and then she and my then husband decided to make it official. He went on a supposed business trip to Portland, Oregon. He had me drive him to the airport and then pick him up from his business trip/extramarital affair. She is the mother of two daughters and has gone on with her life and her marriage without missing a beat. || I found out about the affair by accident one day about three weeks post sexual extramarital affair. I came across his email that I didn’t even know existed. He called her beautiful and complained about me. He blamed me for his affair. He blamed me spending time with our oldest daughter before she moved out, he blamed me spending some time talking to neighbors, all of whom were women. || My ex husband, her lover, used to date her years before I met him. When we had begun dating, He maintained that he hated her because she cheated on him when they had broken up decades prior. Apparently he got over it. He was overly detailed about his affair with her and it has scarred myself and my children for years. || I tried to work things out with him. However he became extremely violent and cruel verbally and daily. His violence was witnessed by the children, he didn’t view that as abuse and taken out on any of the children who dared to call him out on his violence or the affair that truly destroyed our family. He felt no remorse other than getting caught. He became increasingly more violent with me and one of our daughters until he was finally charged with severe child abuse maltreatment. || I was unaware that he had any ill feelings toward me or our children. He called me throughout his so-called business/sexual affair trip. He came home and behaved as if all was normal. I’ve never been able to talk to Maria Ruiz Whitman, birthday October 21, 1971, so there was never really any closure. I did email her husband and told him but apparently five years later they are unaffected by her affair with my previous husband. || She and he are from El Paso, Texas, we’ve resided in Utah most of our marriage. Maria Ruiz Whitman age 42, mother of two daughters, great example for her daughters; has since resided in Chesapeake, Virginia; both Petaluma and Novato, California; Saulte Sainte, Michigan. I believe she currently resides in Virginia, seems fitting as it rhymes with vagina- apparently her favorite asset to share with other married people namely my ex husband. She is a HOMEWRECKER, lying cheating, Douche bag. Watch out for her— she gets around and not just with other women’s husbands, also around the country. Beware!!!!

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