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My husband and I had been together for ten years. There were many ups and downs and I stood by him, no matter what. I loved him so much. I thought he was my soul mate. He was the best husband. We laughed, talked, had sex often, went on romantic dates, he left love notes in my lunch…we were best friends. Everywhere we went, everyone said we were the sweetest, best couple. People were jealous of our wonderful relationship. || In March, my husband met Margaret online. After talking for a while, he told her that he didn’t want a relationship and that he loved his wife. She showed up at a mutual friend’s funeral, and started to stalk him. She kept it up. She broke into his email and read every email we had sent to each other for the last four years, and used it to turn him against me. Finally, she won. He cheated with her. She pushed him to get a divorce. He asked for one, but I still didn’t know about Margaret. I couldn’t understand why he would want to end our marriage. Besides all of this, I have a little beloved dog, that we raised from a puppy. Even though she was my dog, my husband loved her so much, and I didn’t want him to be alone (or so I thought) so I let little Sophie go with him. || About a month after he asked for the divorce, he changed his mind and wanted to stay together. She pursued him relentlessly and kept talking badly about me until the divorce went through. The creepy part is, she looks like me and we have the same job; however, she makes twice the money that I do, and is 10 years younger. She made it rain. She gave him tons of money. || Now, she has him completely locked down, he can’t go anywhere, she keeps all of his money, and she won’t allow him to talk about me. She makes sure he has no money so that he has to live with her. She made him give up his apartment. He has called me crying, nearly every day, to say how sorry he is and what a huge mistake it was. I can’t take him back, due to what happened, but she ruined both of our lives. || I later found out that she’s been with married, older men before. There are court records going as far back as 1998 that show she was with a married man. || She said that if he leaves, she will keep the dog. She stole my husband, my future, my life, my breath….and my dog. Unbelievable! || She works at (removed). Her address is (removed) Her email (removed) and her phone number is (removed).

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