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I was about 7 months pregnant when I met this lady, a Co worker of my husband. He was a truck driver and had gotten into an accident about 2 hrs away from home. He called me and let me know his truck had rolled over I left school immediately and headed out to him. 30 mins after arriving she showed up. I knew he was acting kinda awkward when she showed up but I paid no attention. I was then told by my husband that he had to ride with her to go take a alcohol test. Ok that’s understandable. So I drove behind this woman for hours. She then took us, me my daughter and husband to eat, laughed with me talked with me and played with my daughter. . When then took my husband to the hospital to ensure he was fine.. she STAYED THE WHO 4 HOUSE AT THE HOSPITAL!! Again, I thought nothing of it. || Few months later I found several texts on his phone about how she loved his sex, the hotel’s they were meeting about all the nights they partied together, he even spent her bday with her the night after I had our son. Left me in the hospital alone to be with her. I confronted her about it she acted like she was sorry and that it was a mistake. Ha the very next day she was texting him again tell him to go to her hotel room, and if I would find out again to tell me they were two consenting adults having sex.. mind you the bitch was older than his own mom!!! || She knew he was married and she didn’t care she was smiling in my face playing with my daughter and fucking my husband. BEWARE OF THIS OLD HAG!!!!

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By Ronald

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