Marathon Grill Philadelphia Pennsylvania


Complaint: Marathon Grill is slowly but surely going out of business. They are in debt millions and millions of dollars to diffrent vendors and contractors. They have lost all financial backing. They had remodels done to all of there restaurants within the past few years and have not paid the contractors. They also went cheap with the supplies and now the restaurants wont pass fire inspections. Every week when we get paid checks bounce. Server’s who dont have very large paychecks are having checks bounce. Then they are getting fee’s related to there bank that Marathon is not reimbursing them for. Checks for Beer, Liquor, Pepsi and other vendors are bouncing and we are no longer able to get product from these companies. If for some reason you are reading this and your a patron of Marathon Grill dont keep giving them your business and if you are interviewing with Natalie or Cary or Luke for a posistion with this company please take me advice and dont get caught up with this. They have an exec Chef that has never even been an exec chef before. He does not know how to cook or work in a kitchen and he is bringing the restaurant down even more.

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Address: 1818 Market Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America


Phone: 2155611818

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