Manzo’s Handy Fence Help Review


The worst, most disrespectful and condescending service ever. Maybe he can only do fence, who knows. $550 later, the work is undone, stuff is left messy and absolutely everywhere. He ordered the wrong things, denied it; he didn’t follow instructions, denied that too. He scheduled the wrong appt, he blamed that on you; he can’t tie up the metal wire, he charges you for his learning curve while he’s at it & called you unfair when he took 6 hours to tie up only 2 sails, except that one of them just broke off the next day. Each sail is like $25, and most people get it done on their own. I figure hiring help for a few hours would do it, to make it better. It ended up taking 2.5 days to tie up some sails while being accused and insulted by the guy that I hired, who really sucked at math by the way, he ordered the wrong parts & blaming it all on me. And guess what? Even 2.5 day later, the job is only 60% done if even that. | Like really?! What have you been doing?? And do you know what you are doing?? Even if it takes more than a few hours, it should not take close to 5 full days to complete such tasks to say the least! Are you that incompetent?? I wasn’t out there monitoring him, I don’t know fully what he’s doing. I was only there the 1st day on and off moving the sails around. But day 2 he came back to tie things up, he barely scratch the surface. Absolutely ridiculous. I was beyond fed up w his excuses & personality quirks. He walked out on the job in the middle of it irresponsibly by overbooking himself. He picks and chooses what he wants to hear and make up stories as he sees fit. Absolutely disrespectful if you ask me, as well as insulting. Imagine hiring a guy who throw personal attacks to defend his error while refusing to hear anything you have to say. | This is a dismissive & combative person w a passive aggressive personality. The conversation is completely one way street. He estimated 2-3 hr to finish the job, he took 6 hours and he only finished 10 % of the job. I asked him to honor the estimate or flat rate to finish. He kept wanting more $. And he insisted that he’s doing this as a favor, he’s just such a nice guy applauding himself as he speaks. It’s a sunshade sail for god sake, NOT rocket science. I don’t know what he does for fence. Maybe he does that one thing well, who knows. But if you wanna hire him for anything else, good luck. He will eat up your wallet like a faucet and excuse himself for any excuses he can think of while making you the bad guy as he can do no wrong. So yes $25 per sail at 5 sails is like $125 and after paying this guy $550 later, it’s NOT even half way finished. Stay far far far far far away if I were you. Zero humility and zero respect. If you are doing something outside of your “expertise”, you might practice the virtue of humility and learn to take some responsibilities.


  • Name: Manzo’s Handy Fence Help
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Rancho Cucamonga
  • Address: 10295 19th St
  • Phone: (909) 545-0855
  • Website:

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