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Complaint: My daughter went to Manhattan Apartments, Inc (MAI) to rent a unit. She placed a deposit of 2250 to secure a unit, pending credit approval. The deposit was for a second floor walk-up. With two days, my daughter was notified that the unit was rented to someone. Rather than refund the deposit, MAI attempted to rent another unit. Needing a place to stay, my daughter agreed. She looked at Fourth Floor unit (same landlord) and then that unit was suddenly gone. My daughter came to California and while she was here she was miraculously approved for a Fifth Floor unit and a lease was sent. The lease requested another $10,000 be wired and included $7000 in security deposits. We declined, fully realizing that we had been victims of bait and switch tactics by the agent (Alex Galcieneau) and or the landlord Ninth Avenue Partners. We then commenced efforts to get the refund for the deposit. Alex proved worthless despite many emails. Alex could not produce a refund policy or a refund check. The customer servicie manager Neil (I am useless) Fuchs never returned a call. Adjina the rental manager did force Alex to respond, but all he did was defend his actions, conveniently and completing skipping the refund question. Finally, 3 weeks into the process, I contacted the president: Jerry Weinstein. Jerry responded cordially via email and promised to “do the right thing””. Ten days later Jerry claimed that the “”landlord had the money”” and that it was not his issue. I corrected and Jerry on contract law and demanded a refund. Jerry did not reply. I then emailed Alex and requested that

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Address: as the agent on the deal

Website: 729 Seventh Ave. Fourth Floor NYC, New York United States of America

Phone: that he provide a refund policy. No response. Given the hundreds of complaints online about this company

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