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Complaint: Our firm lease equipment and offices from the owner Charles Okoro, a Nigerian son of a business man. By the time I met him, we were already in the temporary offices and I had no say in the impression. We all got the impression when he flagrantly kept $6500 in security claiming damages. His 7 by 7 office spaces could not have any damages unless you used a sledge hammer. Visit this scam 3, 4 and 5th floor at 234 Fifth Avenue. It would take a sledge hammer to make an impression on this sub par representative space. He kept the security for spite even though he promised us in person to return the security. It would have cost more to hire a lawyer to sue him with a promise to retain some of the security than it was worth. However, a complain will resonate and protect people from dealing with Charles Okoro, Managed Office leases or any of his other companies. I hope this helps others.

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Address: 234 fifth avenue Internet United States of America


Phone: 9175174371

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By Ronald

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