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DAN MALATESTA & BRAD ENGLE SCAMMERS!!! BEAWARE!!! Omg! This is horrible! I should’ve checked the reviews but of course I didn’t! I usually check but this time I didn’t! I am absolutely pissed off! So… I just opened up my New business back In May 2018. Spent all my life savings on my new business! Received several calls from local marketers but shut them all down because it was a little too expensive for me! Received a call from BRAD ENGLE, tricked and lied his way through his bull**** marketing and explained that I will need to pay $100 down and $80 a month and that my business will be placed in a local magazine that is placed at several Vons’ and Sprouts all around San Diego! He guaranteed me 3-5 clients a week! I get excited and sign up! I did not read what I was signing because we were talking through the signing! I was spilling my heart out, excited about my new business, while he had me sign! | My $100 down payment Check was cashed asap of course and I was sent a bill for $1,296!!! Marketing was supposed to be in July didn’t start until September. Cal “MARKETING SERVICES” to send me copies of the magazine, they said they would and they never did and now I call and the phone number doesn’t work! Btw left text messages and voicemails to Brad he reads my texts but never answers!!! I WILL BE SEEING HIM IN SMALL CLAIMS COURT!!! PLEASE BECAREFUL THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! Watch out for BRAD ENGLE AND DAN MALATESTA!!! Scammers!!!


  • Name: Malatesta Don
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Chatsworth
  • Address: 20059 Tipico St
  • Phone: 1 818-360-4652
  • Website:

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