MAKS Car Rental / Complaint


Buyer beware! Stay away from maks unless you want to lose 700 thb for some bogus cleaning fee for a little bit of dust on the dash!! Really! I have rented 3 times from them in the last year. First two times for a month each 15k thb then recently a week (7000 thb) and paid for delivery at the airport. And I arrive early with a full tank of gas with the car in perfect condition.. And he tells me there is a problem with the car and I need to go get it cleaned. Granted, both times I dropped off the monthly rentals I paid 200 thb for car care and the guy at maks told me it was “unnecessary” and no one ever does that… So this time I didn’t, since I only had it for a week and was paying 1000+ thb per day plus 1600 delivery. And he told me I either give him 700thb or go get it cleaned. I took photos to prove it was clean. I explained I have only every used maks in pattaya to rent a car and was planning on picking up a car for a month in a couple week and if he really wanted to lose a longtime customer over 700thb.. He said.. “I could care less.” Is this a joke? I thought he was joking. He wiped his hand along the passenger side dash and said this is too dirty! Never again maks! Please.. Unless you want to be gypped big time for a bogus car cleaning fee at the end of your rental seven hundred baht.. Stick with any of the other car rental places in thailand!

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