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My now x is 40, I checked his call log when I went to pull up our daughter’s. There was a number showing texting back and forth all day and night for months. I asked who it was, he says he didn’t know. I text and asked who it was, no reply. I called twice no answer, second time stating that if she wanted him she needed to get him out of my house now! And that if I found out she was in my mustang that I’d beat the brakes off of her- he drove my car and told people it was his. – a week later a police officer called stating that I was calling her from multi numbers and threatening her. I told the officer that was bullshit and what I did do and how legally she had to block me that there was no crime and I hung up on him. I later found out who she was and that she was the roommate of his friend(23 years old n friends gf) roommate. And that they were all planning on getting a place together. Of course he lied about this. This woman already slept with the 2 roommates and on Facebook hook up groups. Aka nasty! He did move in with them and stole lots of my stuff. She drove him over here thinking I wasn’t home, when they seen me they did a crazy fast u-turn. I changed the locks and put up cameras. She has friends in common with my daughter who told me she’s got daddy issues and is out for money and free stuff aka food etc. she is also telling them that I’m using her phone number to call people. I mean like wtf is that besides impossible. I just want left alone and this bitch keeps threatening with the cops and needs to know I’m ok with going to jail over her but I’ll make it worth it, so she needs to leave me the fuck alone. She can have him. He’s bipolar and not a prize…

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