Maitlandu2019s 24Hrs Towing & Repair Greensboro North Carolina


Complaint: This Maitlandu2019s 24Hrs Towing & Repair Company is designed to rip-off customers in any case of emergency along the highway 85 corridor between exits 20 to 60 in highway 85 Virginia section Towing charges are double, they insist to bring parts so they can charge you extra for delivery!!!, Here is my SAD story, I was taking my family to catch an international flight at Dulles airport in Washington DC, I had a regular belt cut off due to a bad pulley at highway 85 in Virginia around exit 22, I stopped at gas station and asked for a mechanic shop or garage they gave me Maitlandu2019s towing and repair card ( now I think it is a joint scam they get a cut or pay back for passing these cards) the Maitlandu2019s owner charged me $95 just to show up there , and $200 to two my van a 20 miles, $75 just to go and get the part, another $75 to take me to rent a car (that was OK and nice because he was not a taxi, I agree) then when they install the belt, but a pulley turn out to be broken, then he charged me again to go and get the part$75 even though at that point I was sitting at his shop with a rented car) I could of went and brought the part for $5 at the most , instead of waiting 4 hours for him to go and pick up the part, so he can charge me another $75!!!! Anyway labor charges was another $170 to install a belt and a pulley, bottom line I spent (please do not laugh at me) $1,008, yes, yes, $1,008 to install a fan belt and a pulley on 2006 ford E-350 van !!!!!!!! you know I had to work (126) hours to just u201cgrossu201d that amount!!!!!! If you breakdown on highway 85 in Virginia around exits 60-20, please call a private airplane or a limo form u201cAlaskau201d to come and pick you up, it will be a lot cheaper, instead of been a victim like me to this rip-off company. Please do not be stupid like me, learn this lesson very good, simply call a taxi, go and rent a car do what you need to do and then come back and shop around for a reputable (honest) and reasonable mechanic, please do not fall a victim to these highway sharks, they will rip you off and laugh at you very hard!! I should been paid for parts about ($90), labor ($75),and towing ($95), totaling ($260), I was ripped-off additional ($748) !!!! I will try to see a local lawyer to handle this rip-off case for me.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: 11207 Doyle Blvd McKenney, Virginia USA


Phone: (804) 478-4141

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