Maitland’s 24 Hr. Towing and Repair Review


Car broke down around Exit 32 on I-85 going north toward Richmond. I contacted the closest wrecker service. Guy showed up quick but charged $175 (cash) to tow it (8) miles to his shop. Was sure he knew what the problem was and said he could have it done next day around noon. Guy calls me up in the morning and says that the car won’t be ready til 6. He calls me around 530 and says it’s ready and that it will be over $500 (cash) for fixing it. Get to his shop and he goes on and on about how much high-price antifreeze he had to use and how much the part was; etc. Obviously I knew I was getting scammed some…I pay the man and start driving down the road. I get about (5) miles and engine overheats again – he didn’t fix the problem. Thank goodness I signed up for AAA that morning. Had one of their wrecker services come tow it over (35) miles to the mechanic I use near my house. Only charged me $103 (cash or credit). My mechanic takes a look at it and does all the proper tests (which the guy at Maitland’s did not do). The radiator is leaking and is bone dry. The guy at Maitland’s charged me for (3) bottles and didn’t even fill it up. He filled up the plastic anti-freeze/coolant next to the engine – which maybe takes a half a bottle. Oh and yes he charged me $29.95 a bottle! Needless to say I was not too happy when my mechanic let me know this. He replaced the radiator and car is running great now. Don’t be fooled by these guys…I would suggest flagging down a cop before you go searching the internet for towing companies. I got scammed for over $500 (cash) for something that wasn’t even fixed and towed (8) miles for $175 (cash)… .

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