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On February 2nd 2009 a restraining order was imposed on me by Robert Eglet and his law firm for me telling the truth about the law firms actions in case (03A469413).He was able to get Judge Zimmerman to accept their statements that under penalty of perjury they did nothing wrong in the case. It was pretty easy for them to state that since the Judge refused to allow me to produce evidence that he perjured himself. I tried several times to produce evidence but the Judge refused to allow every time.Here are some of the examples of what he did to help Target get a summary judgment in the case:1) Allowed Target to withhold all pictures, schedules, camera schedules and all video of the fall my wife took that resulted in over a million dollars worth of medical bills with Target paying only one visit to Quik-Care. They withheld them under attorney client privilege.2) Allowed employees who gave incident reports the day of the incident to change their statement to very beneficial statements for Target. When an employee who stated (he could not clean it up it was wax-buildup and he saw no one else, to blaming mentally and physically handicapped people for telling him what to say. Had a security guard change his report from seeing marks like someone had slipped to taking pictures of a clean floor and failing to produce these pictures under ( A.C. PRIVILEGE). Did I mention these depositions took place three years after the incident took place.3) Had Sue do her deposition 43 days after major back surgery that resulted from the fall three years earlier. What he failed to mention during the deposition that she was taking SIX Loritabs and THREE Somas for pain daily and took TWO Loritabs during the deposition. Targets attorney never mentioned the medication yet was able to get Sue to say some wrong things about that day because of the medication. I was at Sues deposition and during a break I told our attorney to make sure on redirect to mention the medication issue but they didnt mention it4) Withheld my wifes deposition for over four months after receiving it yet never had Sue sign it or give us legal time to make changes in her deposition. I called almost daily during those months but they always responded they did not receive it. Whos side are they on5) Sue was the only one from our side to be deposed yet I had a consortium lawsuit against Target and I had knowledge of Sues burnt hand the day after the fall. Our attorney refused to do mine even thought it was scheduled fifteen minutes after Sues ended None of the people that were with Sue the day she fell were ever deposed despite me producing names and numbers numerous times for our attorney. Also to contradict what the employee said in his deposition.6) There were numerous other questionable actions by our attorney and this is why in my opinion that I believe : Mr. Eglet was either as Dumb as Rocks or was Compensated by Target I would like your opinion (1) ROCKS (2 ) COMPENSATED (3 ) NEITHERIf possible list your profession (ex.) attorney no names neededFeel free to contact me with your opinion at (((REDACTED))) CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report.

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