Magnum Marine-Dave Simoniette – Dave Sells Bad Boats

I purchased a boat from Dave Simoniette at Magnum Marine. The boat was in mint condition when I selected. I requested a few small adjustments and minor touch-ups on the upholstery. Dave told me he could have it all fixed up and ready for me on three days. | A couple of days later he told me that I would have to take the boat as is. He could not do the touch-ups I wanted because he did not have the materials or the staff to do so. I had already paid him for the boat in full including the cost for the additional requests. | I was a little irritated but I figured I would get someone else to make the adjustments I wanted. I asked him for the money back that I had paid for the extra work. He said that he did not have the money to give me. I was wondering what he could have done with the money that I paid him so quickly. More so, how could a business not have the money to pay me back. | I argued with him forever on the phone. I took the boat as is and I was trying to get the money back over the course of the week when I realized that the boat’s motor was not even working. I called Dave multiple times and left him messages. He stopped answering my phone calls when I told him I wanted a full refund. I showed up at the marina and a staff member told me that he would be out for a while. | The guy won’t face me. I can’t get my money back, and I am pretty sure he is running a scam of an operation. Do NOT buy a boat from him!

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  1. Since I sold the Business in 2019 it could not be me, and I have never heard of you, never sold you a boat. We stopped selling boats about 2017, started selling RV’s.
    This is a complete lie. I don’t know who you are but your very mistaken A retraction and I’M sorry would br nice.

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