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Magix, Software provides programs for Video, Music and photograph. | I have been Purchasing Video and Music Programs from magix since 2005. I had minor problems in the past but was always fixable. I now use music composing software, One of the products Is Magix Music maker 2015 Upgraded back in January of this year from the older version (s) It was working great and I mastered a huge amount of songs using this program. The last 5 years has been leading up to this point of creating my first Music Album. | Sometime last month I had updated From Windows 7 to Windows 10 and that’s when trouble started. Even though I had recieved an email from Magix saying they were up to speed for Windows 10. I went ahead and upgraded. | Now the program has been rendered useless. Some of the instruments have gone missing and cannot be retrieved. | I tried emailing Magix but no response or solution to the issue did not work. I emailed a few times but now, NO RESPONSE. I tried calling the phone number listed on their site but no one ever answers. Another consumer stated the same issue that all you get is an automatic voice that says no one is available or are helping other customers and then it disconnects. | I make a small amount of income from the songs I compose but January 1st 2016 deadline was a very big deal and now I am at a loss. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but now I am locked out of the program as they have an activation and deactivation procedure. Even though, I have deactivated before uninstalling, It wont let me activate it as it says I am allowed to do it once per month. So now I cant even use the program until 1/28/2016. This is an unacceptable issue. DO NOT BUY MAGIX PRODUCTS.


  • Name: Magix
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Reno
  • Address: 280 Greg St., Suite 10
  • Phone: 305-642-6300
  • Website:

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