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My 85 year old father has been bringing his car to Magic Mechanic for the past 9 years. Earlier this month he brought the car to them because he wanted to get his car tuned up and checked. He also asked them to fix a small oil leak. His vehicle is 12 years old and has 84,000 miles, always garage kept and has been serviced by Magic Mechanic since 2008. The first bill he got was for $5200, brought the car home and it was making noise so took it back to them and a few days later ended up with another bill for $2300. A total of $7500, and the car is still making a noise it didn’t make before. If they have been taking such good care of his car, as they told me, why did it need all this work? And why did they convince him he needed to invest so much money in a car that has a Kelley Blue Book value of $2200 retail and $1000 trade-in value. My father trusted them and thought they were good guys. This is simply a case of a business taking advantage of a little old man – they should be ashamed of themselves. What they did is not technically illegal, it’s just BAD! They are BAD PEOPLE!


  • Name: Magic Mechanic Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Orlando
  • Address: 1432 Lee Rd
  • Phone: 407-629-2661
  • Website:

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