Maggie Starling – Panama City, Florida Florida


Maggie seems like a real nice girl. That is until you find out here whole motive is to sleep with your man. My husband and I had a friend need a place to stay for a while. He was seeing Maggie at the time and without any notice she was staying with us too. My husband was away a lot in the first few weeks. I had several conversations with her some to include the subject of my husband and his work. Not once did she mention that they had met before and it wasn’t until my husband got some time home and he brought up meeting her a couple years before. I began to notice Maggie trying to get my husband alone quite often. She usually stayed in the room for the most part. Anyhow, I had her leave and our friend followed shortly after. It wasn’t until then she began messaging my husband all hours of the night for a ride or to help her get her stuff every other week. I then learned she was no stranger to the peer group of my husband and they all just passed her off from one to the next with no hard feelings. Several years had gone by and she just kept popping up in his inbox. No matter how many times my husband would ignore her or I would confront her. She just wouldn’t go away! Until she finally got what she wanted my husband and I got into a pretty bad spot between us. You never would have guessed who was waiting wish legs wide open … Maggie Starling! I fed her and gave her a place to stay. She’s spent time with our children. This bottom feeder is morally bankrupt.

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By Ronald

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