Maggie Pullido (Margarita Barbosa) Long Beach, California California


I trusted this person, she was a friend of mine, she was the soccer mom for my daughters team. She always joked around with any male that was at our girls games. I started noticing things that I didn’t like. He started coming home late, he was always with her, little by little she distant herself from me, I questioned both their behavior, to both of them I told both of them that I thought something was going on between then, of course they both denied it, I was stupid, crazy, too jealous…I was a number of things … || He left me, its been 1 year 3 months since he left me and our kids, and its been 2 years since he has sustained a relationship with her. He didn’t want anything to do with me. I begged for him to stay, for him to work our relationship out, for us to seek therapy/counseling, she, Maggie, his lover, told me that he didn’t love me that he was only with me for pity. She always denied being anything more than friends with him, even after he would come home from her house at 2 am, after meeting each other for lunch or dinner. Even after knowing what they were doing, the betrayal , she would go to my house and have dinner with my family. || She’s an evil person.,They broke a part in me that was very hard to put back together. I often saw them together at the games when he wouldn’t even say hello to me, she would hug him and look my way with an evil smirk. He finally admitted to having an affair with her. Now that I started a new relationship, turns out he loves me, he wants to get back with me, yet he’s still seeing her because they are friends. He said she is in love with him, but that he loves me…funny how things turn out. When he was with me, he hated being with me, I made his life miserable, Now he loves me, I’m the love of his life he wants to have another child with me, he wants to seek therapy together…I think he’s a little too late…he’s 37 she’s 46…

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