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Didn’t think I had any choice I paid them the first time that they were trying to subscribe me. Then it was not supposed to Auto renew and they Auto renewed it and I lady called me told me it wasn’t a sales call blah blah blah. Didn’t ask me to tell her manager that she was nice and give a good review manager comes on and tells me I owe the money once again and that it was too late to end their subscription that it was not supposed to be renewed I get upset I hang up. Then someone called me about a day later and told me it was a glitch in their computer that auto renewed me but it’s taken care of, so I assumed that it was ended and I don’t have to worry about more from them. Then about 2 weeks ago I received a letter in the mail for the collections company that they are trying to get over $1,000 for me. I talked to the collection company and she wouldn’t listen to me and told me that they didn’t have any payment method in that they were invoiced me and then she looked again and said oh yeah you had a credit card on file. | Multiple letters telling me that I was payments which I never got any letters but I never got a switch list when I’m also we ask for when the first time I was paying them to get them to leave me alone so I could maybe find something that I would actually read I did get calls from mother magazine companies claiming that they were sending me the same magazines and I owe them money. So the collection said that the lowest payment they take is $30 a month and some cents when I told him I could only pay $10 a month because all I have is disability. She would not have it looked into because she said they stated that they sent multiple letters which I never got. | And that they got 3 months of payments which we must took off my cards that they already had on file without me knowing after I got a call saying that it was a glitch and taken care of. I want paid so course you’re going to find that the company filing for collections is right and just because they don’t put it in their notes to the corrections it must never happen. This company is a scam I doubt that they have other magazines then the ones that they send out because they never which list like requested to switch magazines and they give your number to other magazine companies that lie and try to make it sound like they lost your information and need you to renew your card information one told me that their computers crashed and they needed my card information I didn’t fall for it.


  • Name: Magazine Solutions
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Lakewood
  • Address: 7400 W 14th Ave Ste 9
  • Phone: (303) 232-4333
  • Website:

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