Madonna Duhon – Louisiana’s Finest Mini-Pig Breeder


Madonna Lynn Duhon seeked out a friendship, and then convinced Loli-Pop Farm in Rocky mount, VA. to sell her “Choice of Litter” Piglets from several summer litters…she then Visited, stayed and took back with her piglets to be paid for on a Monthly Payment plan…she has Never made any attempt to pay for them, and has lied on, slandered, and made false reports on the owner’s of Loli-Pop Farm. After Payments were NOT Made, Loli-Pop Farm made attempts to collect, and then Madonna and her “Scam Crew” attempted to Ruin the Reputation of Loli-Pop Farm and it’s owners.

FaceBook: Kajun Lady Darvis Twitter: Madonna Duhon. I demand Madonna says she owes $1500. not $3000. but has made no effort to pay, and has lied, and slandered Loli-Pop Farm, where STOLEN From. Stay away

  • #Madonna-Cooney|Kajun Lady
  • #Herself!! LA. Mini-Pig Breeder

Read Scam Report against Madonna Duhon – Louisiana’s Finest Mini-Pig Breeder at –

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