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I guess it all started a little over a year ago when this girl, this young, dumb, 21 year old, started working at the bar my husband manages. Pretty on the outside but dumb as rocks (seriously dumb, she managed to drive her car OVER the concrete blocks in a parking lot that are there to prevent you from going forward. Idiot). || I didn’t suspect anything at first but suddenly my husband wasn’t coming home. He said he was always at some after party. Or when he went to a concert he only had one ticket from a liquor rep and he was going with”the coors guys” and staying in Denver. Well one night when I had left my phone in my car that my husband then took to work and never came home, I tracked it and guess where he was? This dumb cunts house. I then realized that’s where he had been every time. It got even worse when I found out I was pregnant with our first child. That’s when I confronted her, woman to woman, and told her this wasn’t just about saving my marriage but protecting my family. She swore she wasn’t f**king my husband, that they were”just friends.” I told her that having that type of relationship with a married man was totally inappropriate. But she’s a child, and couldn’t understand that. || They continued seeing each other, he eventually was living with her. He never came home. She was a party girl. Young, naive, no responsibilities, always out at the bar drinking, had the hook up for coke. He cheated on me with her the entire time I was pregnant. She pursued a married man knowing not only that he was married, but she even knew me! Hung out with me. I helped teach her how to bartend so she would have her f**king job. And she knew I was pregnant and she still went for it. Asked him to leave his pregnant wife for her. Their affair still continues TO THIS DAY even after the birth of my beautiful son. And she doesn’t care that she not only wrecked a home, but ruined his chance of ever growing up with a whole family. With both a mommy and daddy at home every night. Holidays that aren’t split between one house or the other. F**king cunt. If he did it to me, he’ll do it to her too. I can’t wait.

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By Ronald

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