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I purchased the Spinner Edge spin bike. I saw an advertisement on line, proceeded to set up an account looked at the Basic information regarding the bike, the basic information about deliver, the basic dynamics regarding dimensions and so forth. I then purchased the bike, all it says is free delivery. 8-10 business days. | The delivery person calls, I returned the call and time window given. The delivery personal arrives hands me the paper I look at it and it says “Curb Side Delivery”. Well this is a problem for me. Single, woman, bad back, etc. I call the company and here is where the problem begins. POOR Customer Service. They begin with the run around yaa h*o about did you read the website. No I didn’t read the Entire website. I read the basics. Purchased the item. She tells me if I had read the shipping & delivery section I would have seen were if you wanted “Gold” package for shipping I would have paid extra and it would be brought in. Now I was on the website as speaking to this young lady. It wasn’t there, nor a phone number to call to obtain such service. There was no click available to obtain such service either. I went back to my account and act like I was purchasing another bike just to see if I did happen to overlook. I did not. I then ask her how much for such a service. She didn’t know. Really?? Okay the delivery man bless his heart was so patient and KIND. She came back with the price and I purchased thru my credit card. I kept trying to inform her there needs to be more clarity on the shipping. Because it looks as if you are getting people to purchase thinking it is a “free delivery” delivered to the house inside of the house. She didn’t care she brushed you off. | I purchased the “Gold” deliver which was $50 to get inside my home. The poor delivery man had to struggle alone to get it in. I couldn’t even help him b/c of my back. So he got in put it in the room. Once he left I was looking at the website and for the Gold package. you are supposed to get two people to bring it in, taken out of the package and take away the packaging. I did not get that. This is NOT a reflection upon the delivery guy, it is a reflection of Mad Dogg Athletics because of the POOR Clarity regarding the delivery. I then contacted the supervisor for customer service “Melissa” and she was more like and so “what do you want me to do?” Really you are the “supervisor” and you don’t know what to do regarding customer service when the customer does not get what they have paid for. You begin to offer only excuses and No one really cares about excuses. So yes that angered me b/c all of this could have been avoided if the clarity was more transparent. | It is familiar to a bait and switch move b/c you have purchased the product, but you cannot obtain the product (unless you now pay extra) and you cannot send the item back. So you have No choices. None the Less, I had to listen to Milssa’s asinine excuses about their mix up (was not interested in hearing), then her dismissal verbage of “so now What do you want me to Do about it?” Give me my $50 bucks back. That wasn’t happening b/c I paid at the last minute. But after an aggressive conversation we negotiated to half of the refund of $25. | After this experience, I will never purchase from Mad Dogg again. I will NOT Refer any of my friends, collegues, nore family. Company is not Transparent with extremely too many hidden/hard to obtain information on their website. Then they attempt to insult you as if you are stupid and cannot read nor comprehend. Melissa was not aware that she was speaking to a Master’s Degree Certified Nurse Practitioner. Really and who cannot read or research? | GOOD Customer Service is a vital part of any business.


  • Name: Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Venice
  • Address: 2111 Narcissus Court
  • Phone: (800) 847-7746
  • Website:

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