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Complaint: i purchased a impact wrentch from my local MAC tools rep i purchased the impact for $350 semi used, right after purchasing it i changed shops but still kept good contact with my rep i have paid the impact down to the last $100 being owed this was as of 8-4-11 and this is when i lost faith in mac tools. i was across the street at another shop and i had my shop doors up but could see my shop from were i was at , the MAC tool rep pulled up and mabie 10 minutes had passed and i had not see the rep get out of his truck so i headed back to my shop and there i found the SOB going through my toolbox, as i aproached him he had the impact wrentch that i had financed with him in his hand. so this rep went into my shop got into my personal toolbox, helped himself to the impact and then after i made my minimum payment he still kept the tool. now him holding my tool till i caught up on my past due balance is not a problem him getting into my box to get the tool is the problem. so i called the customer support at 1800MACTOOLS the person on the phone said oh well it was just a reposesion i told her a legal reposesion of anything financed has steps that need to be fallowed like some sort of letter stating that i owe this amount of money that is past due and needs to be pai by this date i asked her if this was comon of reps to do this she said yes it is part of there “reposesion process”” so what she has told me is that they are MAC tools and dont need to fallow any legal process they can come to your place of buisness go through your personal things with out you being present and take whats financed back because thats there “”reposesion process”” i wish it worked that way for me as many people that have not paid on the good ol boy payment plan for this and that to think of all the head aches over legal steps i could have saved. After this kind of service MAC tools customer service is junk

Tags: Sales People

Address: there tools are over priced

Website: Internet United States of America

Phone: there tools are not made by MAC there just another companys tools that they have stuck there name on

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