Mac Haik Ford Lincoln Review


After receiving a notice in the mail of a special sale and opportunity to win a number of prizes, a friend and myself decided to visit the Mac Haik Ford used car department to see what they had to offer. The advertisement said the least you could win was a smart watch(LOL) it wasn’t a smart watch but was a 1980’s type digital watch. It looked like it was worth about 50 cents. This really wan’t a big deal because I already knew the prize was going to be a joke. | What was offensive and disturbing was that the sales rep and the sales manager tried comparing buying a used car to buying a house under a short sale situation. They repeatedly stated that banks can’t sale cars for more than they are worth. At first, I thought this was a joke and made the comment, yeah, that’s why noone is upside down on their cars. But they weren’t kidding. They were really trying to take advantage of consumers ignorance of financing to sale them cars that were HUGELY over priced. The car we were looking at was valued at a little over 16,000 based on the prices given by NADA. They told me the BANK which can’t over charge for a car valued the car at $28,000. I have never seen such blatant con artist behavior by a car dealership before and I have bought about 10 cars over the years from dealerships and have talked to many more. | I hope some ignorant car buyer doesn’t fall for this con and pay a huge amount more than the actual value of the car.


  • Name: Mac Haik Ford Lincoln
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Georgetown
  • Address: 7201 N Interstate Hwy 35
  • Phone: 512-930-3673
  • Website:

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