M.T.C.1 Inc. Midwestern Training Centers Richton Park Illinois


Complaint: I attended M.T.C. in Feb. 2008 and it lasted 1 day. After arriving, I was directed into a classroom where everyone was immediately given enrollment and finance forms to fill out. They also collected $150 which was suppose to cover the cost of taking the CDL test and other fees, this took all day. Lunch consisted of an Arby’s sandwich and a bag of chips, no drinks. At the end of the day I was able to talk to a few people who were almost done with the program. M.T.C. claims that the training is only 14-16 days but most students had been there longer. My dorm room for the night was a 10×10 room with bunk beds made of plywood and pvc pipe, very thin unsanitary looking mattress. The dorm was cold and also there was no hot water. The next day several people were called to the office and sent home. I know a couple of them, including my roommate were sent home because of prior DUI’s. I was also told that I couldn’t complete the program because my birth certificate doesn’t have the same last name as on my driver’s license. This is not a problem in my state (Illinois) but it is in Missouri. So, I was there for a total of 1 day, did not receive any training, and stayed in a cold dorm with no hot water for the night. I didn’t quit, I was told that I couldn’t complete the program and therefore had to leave. I was also not refunded the $150 that I gave for the cdl test and other fees. Now collection agencies are calling me and threatening to sue for breach of contract. This school is a complete scam. Anyone that has been lured in by M.T.C. by false promises or had to quit because of the horrible conditions of the dorm or progarm itself, should seek others who have exprienced the same and band together for a class action lawsuit and shut down this program. D h Richton Park, IllinoisU.S.A.

Tags: Driving Instruction

Address: 11842 Missouri Bottom Rd. Hazelwood, Missouri U.S.A.


Phone: 314-875-4111

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