Lying, cheating, playing, homewrecking slore! Idaho


Skyler is 23-years-old and has an infamous reputation for being a homewrecker. She met a guy in October of 2018 and told him that she had been married but was separated and in the process of getting a divorce and no longer living with her husband. She lied to him and played him and made him believe stuff that she was not honest. She told him that she had fallen in love with him and led the poor guy on and he took her for face value and believed what she had told him. But it all changed one day when her husband called her and she had the audacity to tell him that she loved him while she was laying in bed with the guy she had met and been seeing. She had also been fuking this other guy and after he confronted her about the phone call, she assured him that it was only to save face so that he wouldn’t harm her or her baby. She even sent him pictures one night of her neck and it was bruised and she claimed that her husband had physically assaulted her. The guy that she was seeing finally did the right thing and messaged her husband on Facebook and asked him if what Skyler was telling him was true and he told him that it was not true and that Skyler was still married to him and was living with him and that they had no intentions of getting divorced and that they were actually planning on moving into another home soon. Skyler was also seeing and talking to a married man at the same time this was all happening and was clearly told to stay away from him and to leave him alone after the wife of this man found Facebook messages between the two and especially after a message that Skyler had sent with her phone number. Skyler will lie to other men and get her sexual needs met because she is a sex addict and a lying slore and she doesn’t care about anybody but herself and only cares about what Skyler needs and wants! Men and ladies, keep her away from your men because she does not care about ruining relationships or marriages and isn’t afraid to hurt or lead on men who are not married. PSA: Skyler Ridley is a nasty, fat slore!!!!! BTW: Skyler works at the Rainey Creek Convenience Store and Gas Station in Swan Valley, Idaho so ladies please keep your men away from this store because she will do everything in her power to steal your man! She has ruined multiple relationships and marriages because of her lies and because she isn’t faithful and is a lying sociopath who only cares about herself. Her married name is Ridley but her maiden name is actually Christiansen and she uses this name on profiles on POF and Tinder and Match! Below are photos that she has sent men while she is married and still living with her husband!

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By Ronald

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