Lydia “Livia” Sujewicz Wisconsin Wisconsin


My husband and I had been together for 6 years and I was 6 months pregnant with our second child when I found out about this little homewrecker! I feel foolish, but I seriously did not see this coming.. || I came home early from work one day because I still had morning sickness and was just a wreck. When I walked in, Lydia was sitting on my couch in the living room. She quickly shoved her stuff in her bag and jumped up to shake my hand and introduce herself. I was confused. Who was this woman and why was she in my house? (I was in denial, this couldn’t be happening!) She told me shakily that they worked together and they were having a”meeting” My husband then came out of the bathroom white as a ghost. He told Lydia she could go and he would see her at work. || He then explained that he knew how this looked, but he swore to God that he didn’t cheat on me. I had always trusted him, and never looked at his phone, email etc to check up on him. But now I wanted to. Deep down I knew he was lying and had to find out for myself. I then found two other affairs that appeared to be only online. || A little while later, Lydia’s boyfriend contacted me to tell me the whole story. She had been at my house several times, they would hang out on the back porch and drink beer when I was out of town for work. When I was in town they would drive around (sometimes with my two year old son in the back seat!!) so they could hang out and bash their partners. The day I came home early, they had just finished having sex in my living room. Right underneath my wedding picture and surrounded by my 2 year old’s toys. || When all was exposed, I got a divorce and Lydia went back to her boyfriend. Why anyone would take back this little slut is beyond me, but watch out for her because she is a homewrecking little bitch!

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By Ronald

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