LUXE International Realty Review


Wow–where do I begin. The owner of 524 Ivy Spr5ing Street Las Vegas, Nevada is Nancy Lee. Unfortunately I was at the receiving end of her home—rental wise. The company that rented it is a couple named CHRIS ZIMBELMAN AND MELISSA ZIMBELMAN. They own a “company” called LUXE INTERNATIONAL REALTY LAS VEGAS. To say they are bad—-OMG what an understatement. Look at YELP—they PAY and still have only one one star review (YELP IS A FRAUD BUT THEY HAVE TO SHOW YOUR “BEST” REVIEW and their “BEST” is a one star….look, whenever you do business, at the bottom where they state NOT CURRENTLY RECOMMENDED, THEY CLAIM IT IS AN ALGORITHM, YES IF MONEY IS AN ALGORITHM THAT IS WHAT IT IS. Melissa has positioned herself not only as the head of LUXE INTERNATIONAL REALTY LAS VEGAS but also as the president of many an organisation. Now the truth about Ms Zimbelman….she is a completely rude and unfeeling person who only cares to be on boards and take money. She could care less if you are ok, happy or unhappy with your rental. Her and her lapdog—aka HUSBAND..Chris, run a scam. They rent out as many properties as possible with no regard to the tenant and OFTEN not even the landlord. Melissa, from what I researched, sells about 3 homes a year—great money….the rest is RIP OFFF. Rent out and pretend to manage homes. I moved into 524 Ivy Spring Street, given it was sight unseen and yes I regret that BUT it was not thee issue. SIGHT was ok….until I saw the rusty shower curtain pole, the backed up toilets she tried blaming on me as I stayed in a hotel—SERIOUSLY—then the snaking, THREE TIMES, of the toilets—which btw she said was “only caused by use” YES MY ONE PEE BLOCKED ALL THE PLUMBING—WOW I HAVE THE PEE OF ALL PEES. Hair in the sinks, dog urine all over the curtains BUT for one set that was left, and I have left, in the closet. Then there were power outages (plugs), fans that did not work, hair in the sinks, repeated toilet episodes……..DISGUSTING. I can go on and on but I will not. JUST STAY AWAY FROM 524 IVY SPRING STREET, LAS VEGAS NEVAD 89138, OWNER NANCY LEE AND AGENTS/MANAGERS LUXE INTERNATIONAL REALTY/MELISSA ZIMBLEMAN AND HER HUSBAND CHRIS ZIMBELMAN. JUST TO SHOW YOU WHAT OTHERS REALLY THING……HERE IS THE “REAL YELP REVIEWS: (YOU CAN FIND THEM UNDER “not currently recommended-at the bottom) GO TO YELP…SCROLL DOWN, LOOK AT “NOT CURRENTLY RECOMMENDED” WOW YOU WILL SEE SHE IS A FRAUD. Her and her husband are too arrogant and rude. NEVER STEP DOWN. I left because sometimes you need to be happy and GIVEN Nancy Lee is a high class slumlord, but you have to sometimes accept what it is and move on. JUST NEVER RENT 524 IVY SRPING STREET LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89138 WITHOUT A COMPLETE INSPECTION….I had dog pee on the unwashed curtains, hair in the sinks, backed up toilets, backed up sinks non functional fans, non functional lights and switches, aged appliances, IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. BEWARE OF THE ADDRESS AND BEWARE OF LUXE INTERNATIONAL REALTY OWNED BY MELISSA ZIMBELMAN, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA AND 524 IVY SPRING STREET OWNED BY NANCY LEE—generally just do not do business, even for a rental, unless you get an inspector.

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