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Lupuvita is deliberately deceiving and even lying to customers by the following practices. First they claim their product is backed by clinical and scientific studies of the ingredients in their formula. They use a proprietary formula which deliberately hides the individual dosage amount of each ingredient. The studies they reference are based on using the ingredients at a specific dosage which is substantial. Their proprietary formula’s total dosage amount is far less than what the studies used for each ingredient. When the ingredients are used at a smaller dosage amount they are rendered ineffective and the same scientific studies would not apply to their proprietry formula. Lupuvita like many companies uses a proprietary formula so they don’t have to disclose the acutal amount of each ingredient which allows them to use as little of the main ingredients as possible making their product less expensive to manufacture while still claiming the effective ingredients are used in their product. | Lupuvita has created a false image of their company and its dependability by advertising the following information: | -They claim there product is recommended by a national medical expert and have a written recommendation from her. The doctor is also fake and does not exist. | -Lupuvita claims on their homepage they are a proud supporter of the Lupus support group in your area. | -Lupuvita claims they have over many satisfied customers. They have only doing business for part of 2017 and have a few reviews online including one on Amazon. | Lupuvita is deliberately trying to portray their brand as a crediible, well-established, scienitific and doctor recommended brand. In fact they made up false information and are making deceptive claims that are deliberately deceiving Lupus customers to believe that they are a reliable and credible product when they are not. I want other people to know what Lupuvita is doing to deceive customers so that no one else gets deceived like I was.


  • Name: LupaVita
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Diego
  • Address: 4926 Cass St. #166
  • Phone: 888-852-2102
  • Website:

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