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My Fiance and I have been together for many years and have two beautiful children. We’ve had our ups and downs like any couple. Well a year ago, shortly before the birth of my second child, things changed. He was in a new position at a different site. Running his own site was something he well deserved after putting in his time and working his way up the corporate ladder. About 3 months after his start, he met this whore who started working there. He would receive texts at night and it was work. Well it was the slum trying to get his attention. She would start with”work” issues or questions then turn it personal. || He used to call me, text me everyday just to say hi. Things slowly started to change. || It was all stress and work. I gave him the benefit at a new site with a new position. He was always on the phone, taking it everywhere. I started to get suspicious, started taking mental notes and even straight up questioned him about it. Everyone at the site knew he was a family man with a older child and one on the way. || Of course he denied any wrongdoing after being called out. Okay people know. I am just being prego and stressed. || Well time continued to pass, I had my baby and about 6 months down the line, things still weren’t feeling right. Ladies always trust your gut! One night he passed out drunk so I decided to look through his phone. I found everything that confirmed all of my suspicions. There were text messages and Facebook messages from the skank. There were even pictures and videos of her pathetic ass as he moved her head down as she was giving him oral. He had been having a physical affair with this nasty fugly skank for 8 months just because she threw herself at him. Nobody wanted her ugly ass. Full of cellulite and drama. || Before the physical part they had been exchanging dirty messages towards the end of my pregnancy. || This lowly whore knew he was involved and knew I was pregnant with our second child yet she still was quick to send her nasty photos to him and then spread her fat legs the first chance she got. Granted it does take two and no excuse or reasoning validates why my Fiance, my so called partner for life and husband to be would take this nasty piece of slum. She was just a piece of hole to put his shit into while I physically couldn’t because I just had given birth to our child. Then had to heal. || This fat skank is the lowest of the low. She has no respect for anyone. I called her out tried to give her the time to talk woman to woman. Confront her and why she would do this. She didn’t care. Once it has started why stop. I know him. He is not a pursuer. Once he is given the green light, well that is another story. She claims to be a church going woman yet she jumps into bed with a so called family man. Karma will catch up to her in the end, in the meantime, beware….she gives pity stories to draw them in. Making things friendly then …. goes in for the kill. || He has told me so many personal things about all her drama with her past situations I can see the reason why she is only meant to be a side piece to be hidden. Nobody wants to publicly claim this ugly person inside and out. No personality and no looks means desperate and will jump at any open opportunity. She lies promising three somes that are never given, she gives head to keep them around to get things started. Gives up the back hole… anything to keep them in her grasp. Everything a man wants to fantasize about. Even if the main woman can’t physically have sex at the time. Well for the men… I was told she can’t ride so that’s out. Anyways, this fat skank is on the prowl and doesn’t care whose family she ruins next.

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By Ronald

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