Lugo’s Hair Center Inc. Review


I paid for hair extensions at this company sometime in July 2014. As is their policy, I had to pay the full amount before the extensions could be processed. I paid in excess of $2,000 and because I was requesting for a large amount of hair, I was told it would take between 2-4 weeks and would receive a call when it was ready. Note that I had purchased hair from this exact location in the past and was never told I would have to return 2-4 weeks later to collect the hair. But because I was requesting for a much longer length I went ahead with this arrangement. Since August 2014 I had been contacting them over the phone becaues I was out of state but they kept promising. In December 2014, they said they were closed for the year and wont be open till the following January. In January 2015 I called them but eventually found out the number was disconnected. I asked a relative of mine to go to their other branch in Manhattan on 205 First avenue as I realised their Brooklyn branch was still closed. He met with the manager of the Brooklyn branch and showed him a copy of my receipt and I even spoke with him over the phone. He said he would look into it and speak with his boss and I collected his personal number. Till this day, I havent heard back from him; when I call the nuber he gave to me it goes straight to voicemail and now the Manhattan branch is closed!!!! .

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