Lucy Judith Aguilar Long Laredo, Texas Texas


9 years together 8 years married. I can’t believe this w….. Had the guts to come and break a marriage. She knew he was married and had a son and another on the way. She would call him constantly saying it was work related stuff. They were co- workers I’m pretty sure they could fix work stuff at work not out of work. At the time I didn’t think anything of it because she would still talk to her ex-husband and I thought that they were fixing things. As time passed by she would continue calling my ex- so I decided to get a hold of her ex-husband and see what was going on. Her ex told me that he doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. After getting caught cheating with different men. The only reason they would talk was for his son but other than that he did not want anything to do with her. That’s when I snapped and started investigating more about her supposedly work related calls. So at night while my husband slept I went through his phone and found texts between the w….. And him. I was devastated to what I read. She was convincing him to leave me because she supposedly love him and couldn’t live without him. That all those time they made love meant a lot to her, that she could make him the happiest man on earth. blah blah blah. And my husband replies saddened me because they were all lies. So I confronted my ex- husband about it and got into a big argument. He left that night to his parents house. And a week later went to live with her. || He left me when I was 4 month pregnant with his other baby boy and he didn’t even care. After I gave birth to our son he file for divorce because she was pregnant. I went ahead and signed the divorce papers and moved on. Of course it wasn’t easy for me but now after 5 years of heartache and drama I’m doing fine. I’m just happy to hear that they are both very unhappy. He caught her making her ex- husband drama because he had a new girl and she texted him she wanted him back and my ex- husband found out that she was just with him for money. They are still together but they are not happy. My oldest son tells me he doesn’t want to go visit anymore at his dad’s house because they are always fighting or arguing. And she is pissed off because I receive half of his check and he can’t provide much for her and her kids. Well I’m sorry Not sorry. So LAREDO girls watch out for this devil( lucifer long)on the lose she is a HOMEWRECKER and money hungry gold digger.

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By Ronald

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