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17 days after placing the order and multiple inquiries, my order still has not shipped. Firstly they had an issue with me using the words PO BOX (and they ship to po boxes) but cant run my card unless its just the number. They did not email me. So I called a week later and that was fixed. Then a week after that, I asked for an estimate of when my stuff would ship. I ordered one popular oil, one popular bath salt and matching incense and a silver charm. Nothing unusual. All was in stock except the Love Me bath salt. I was told that they would try to make it over the weekend. Now its Wednesday and I had sent another inquiry Tuesday. No word yet. Will I have to call and keep pressing the matter? What a hassle! Its esp bad considering I paid 10 dollars in shipping for 20 dollars of stuff. I dont care if this is made by hand. You should be able to keep up with basic orders. I hardly pitty a bussiness for having too many customers! Someone had said and its true. By the time you get it, theres so much negative energy surrounding it that even if it did work, have some sort of energy ,after going through all this…it negates it. Yes you do have to keep pressing because youre waiting and not sure of the competancy level of the company. Will they make the Love Me bath stuff and then the Cleo May oil is out and I have to wait for that? It is not how businesses are run anymore.

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