Luca s Auto Care – $5,000 and my car is still not fixed

This shop is ridiculously overpriced, their mechanics are inexperienced, and they are an extremely difficult business to communicate with. To add to their awful service they are a family owned service of scammers. I had a bad experience with my car in their hands. This was the closest European auto care place that I could find to fix the brakes on my car and the power steering. They promised regular updates and detailed care. It was going to take a couple of days, however, because they were so busy. I notice only 3 cars in their garage at the time. They charged hourly, by the way. Seemed profitable for them for a 2-day job.I cam back to pick my car up as promised on the day they said it would be done, and it was not done. They did not notify me as promised, so I did not know. They billed me for the hours worked so far, on top of the cost of the new brakes. The bill was $3,000! I was floored, but they wanted to keep the car still. I had no choice really. So I let them finish and came back. My brakes were squeaking as I left the lot….something was not right here. I still the car home. The next day the steering wheel locked on me. They did not fix anything on my vehicle! I was conned out of $5,000 for nothing. Overcharged and taken advantage of.

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