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I went to Lowe’s in North Conway, N.H. to purchase a can of paint. The employee is suppose to properly secure the lid using a rubber hammer, after mixing the paint. I purchased the paint at night and put it in the back rear floor of the vehicle. Upon arriving at my destination, I removed the bag and realized the paint had spilled all over the bag and as a result got on my leather gloves, handbag, suede jacket, pants, the rear carpeting of the car and adjacent areas. I WAS LIVID! I immediately called Lowe’s the next day and spoke with the Service desk who told me to call back later that week to speak with Dave, the manager, which I did. A few days later, I was able to speak with Dave, the manager and told him I was going to immediately bring the car down with the damaged items for him to see, along with the can of paint and the receipt. After arriving at Lowes, I had the manager see all the damaged items. He agreed it was due to the employees negligence and told me to contact the store’s insurance, Hartford Insurance Company. I contacted Hartford Insurance Company. located on Asylum Avenue in Hartford, CT. and dealt with Dawn, Joanne Reem, Sharon and Sue Tasker for two months to no avail, getting nothing but the run around. I was then told the claim was denied and closed even though no one ever contacted the manager and no adjuster ever came to see the damaged items. Hartfords excuse was that I allegedly did not contact Lowe’s for two weeks after the incident happened, which was a blatant lie and made no sense. I spoke with Dave, the manager again, who was dismayed that I was being treated in such a despicable fashion. He apologized, but said there was nothing he could do since once the claim was sent to the insurance company, it was their responsibility to handle the claim properly. This being, although originally, after seeing the damaged property, that Lowe’s would do the right thing and reimburse me for all the damage. He told me to continue to try to resolve the matter. I continued to call and email Hartford Insurance Company to reopen the claim. I was contacted by Ms. Brandi Bost, ([email protected]) who was one of the most rude, ignorant, deceptive and despicable human beings I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Again, I was given the run around. The claim was finally reopened. This was an obvious attempt at harassment in order to waste my time, in the hope that I would get frustrated and give up on the claim. After months of attempts to resolve the matter, Ms. Bost said that they would reimburse the amount of money it would cost to replace the cars carpeting but that they would not pay to replace the other damaged items. I refused to accept partial payment. I did not have the time to pursue the matter in court but have recently learned that N.H. has a four year statute of limitations on goods, so I intend to send Lowe’s and Hartford Insurance Company a 30 day demand letter under MA. Consumer Protection Law Chapter 93 A, Section 7 that concerns unlawful and fraudulent business practices. It allows the Consumer to sue for triple damages if the matter is not resolved in a satisfactory manner. I also called Lowe’s today and told them I was going to post this online and on as many consumer sites as possible until they make good on the damages their employee caused. Seeing the unscrupulous behavoir by Lowe’s insurance company, it makes one wonder if the incident was really an act of negligence vs. being an intentional act, since any reputable company that wasn’t involved in nefarious activity would surely have done the right thing when it was obvious their employee was blatantly at fault. Since this incident occurred I have made it a point to purchase all of my home/garden items, especially large purchase items, from Home Depot, who has gone out of their way to ensure I have a pleasurable shopping experience. It is no surprise that Ms. Bost from Hartford Insurance is located on Asylum Avenue, since you would have to be NUTS after reading all the complaints about Lowe’s to ever want to shop there again or to deal in anyway with Hartford Insurance Company. I am also going to email a copy of this to the First Vice-Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO Robert Niblock. Anyone that has a complaint or anyone wishing to comment about all the consumer complaints Lowe’s receives should him at the following: First Vice-Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO Robert Niblock Lowe’s Companies, Inc. 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard Mooresville, N.C. 28117 Tel: 704-758-2084 [email protected]

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