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Our experience at Lowes was one of the worst experiences we have ever encountered. It started 4 years ago when we spent nearly $30,000 to remodel our floors and kitchen. The installation took longer than expected. Our cabinets were put in only to find out that they measured wrong and our dishwasher could not fit. They had to redo the cabinets which delayed the countertops. Then the floors…where do we start. They installation team tried to do all the work the first night and did not let the tiles set over night like they were supposed to. This resulted in our floors not being secured correctly. The team had to come out several times in order to fix it. It was very time consuming and difficult to live through this remodel with little children as seemed to go on forever. Once it was complete Lowes took some money off our bill but not to our satisfaction. Having been in the customer service business for years we were amazed that a company like Lowes that guarantees customer satisfaction could be so awful and negligent. We closed our account immediately. We’ve warned family and friends and have never set foot in a store again. Fast forward to last week. Four years later our refrigerator stops cooling. IT is only 4 years old and is still under the Lowes extended protection plan. It pained us to contact them but since it’s still covered and paid for we wanted to get it fixed. Last week I contacted the service department and they were not able to send someone on Tuesday. I heard nothing from the plumber that was due to come Wednesday. I called Lowes and they couldn’t get in touch with the plumber either. They tried other service centers and either no one was available or it went to voicemail. When someone finally showed up Wednesday they accessed the problem and said they would be ordering parts which should be overnighted. He said my refrigerator may possibly be fixed Thursday, Friday or Saturday at the latest. Thursday someone calls from customer service and asked if someone ended up coming out. I told them yes but I hadn’t heard back from anyone on a time that they would come back to fix it. She informs me that the part is being ordered that day (THursday). Friday rolls by and I call at 5pm. The new customer service rep tells me that the part was JUST ordered and should be overnighted and at my house Saturday and that someone would be out to repair my refrigerator on Monday. The part never comes. Finally today (Monday) it arrives. No one calls me to tell me what time the plumber might be coming. At 6pm I call customer service and she informs me that 3 out of 4 parts are ordered and the other is on back order. Since this is considered kind of a major problem with an appliance she will send it to another department that tries to figure out what do do when things like this happen. She informs me that it might take 3-5 business days for them to discuss my issue!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. So here we sit with no working refrigerator and 3 kids that want food to eat! The customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. Every call is in the hands of a new agent. Things are passed on and nothing is resolved. I don’t know how they stay in business. Be aware if you are thinking of spending any money with this company!

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