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My SAMSUNG side by side fridge was under (301.739.2022) repairs for multiple times and now the warranty no longer wants to covers it, initially it was just a cooling problem with the fridge (on the bottom you can see the dates), then the problem become not dispensing water on the side by side fridge DUE TO freezing of water cooling system of the fridge, this problem took a month with multiple visits, the next problem came up May 7, 2010 was also frozen cooling nsystem that caused water dispenser to not to work and fridge temperate to be above 40s , then the fourth time also in 2010 with cooling system, this service was under the phone number of 301.992.3594 for replacement of water cooling system (condenser?), cooling fan, and finally motherboard was replaced. nAt that fourth time I asked for a fridge replacement, your representative won’t let me do so because the same problem hasn’t been fix for more than three times, but the problems that this fridge is experiencing is all related to the “cooling system””

multiple diagnose of “”no water dispensing

improper cooling

and not cooling of fridge”” are all relatednto water cooling system been malfunction and freezing all this time. Every time the service rep came out they have to melt down the cooling system and take out parts and make replacements but nothing permanently fix the problem at all! nAnd now 2011

it was a few months ago that my fridge wasn’t properly cooling AGAIN and my water dispenser are only leaking few drops of water

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By Ronald

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