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I ordered flowers online to be sent to my Mom for her birthday, they were supposed to be sent on her birthday, but were sent a day early.I called to complain, they said they would have someone call me back. A woman called back and told me they would send out another flower basket, I explained I do not need another set of flowers, I would like a partial refund. nAt this point a supervisor got on the phone, he told me the only way I would get a refund is if they took the flowers back. He became very rude and started talking over me and then hung up on me.I tried calling back numerous times and was hung up on each time.Then the same supervisor got on the phone and told me to stop calling because he called the police and is filing a harrassment charge against me. nDuring the time in which I was calling back, they called the florist that delivered the flowers and told them to go get the flowers and they would not get paid for the order. I spoke w/the actual company that delivered the flowers who is seperate from this co and they told me that Lovin Blooms was going to credit my money back, which they have not done as of yet. nMichellenAnsonia, Connecticut

3535 Pio Nono Ave Macon, Georgia U.S.A.



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