Lourdes Agbayani – Shes a homewrecker! Nevada


My husband met this woman at work while they were both married. She was playing her husband while my husband was playing me. After i found out and he said he stopped talking to her, she CONTINUED to send him love messages from coworkers phone numbers. Then while on a business trip she tried extremely hard to get him to come see her, she went out of her way to be in the same state only a few towns away at the same time he was. I dont believe him any more but i know she never gave up hope with my husband ALL THE WHILE. Knowing he was married with a daughter. She even kept her husband around til he finally found out they were talking again two months later. Once again, i found out and made him call her in front of me to ends things. She wasnt very happy. I dont believe theyve had sex but that doesnt mean they havent done anything else. When i told her to leave him alone she replies ‘cant wreck a home thats already broken’… she knew the whole time he was married. Id answer his phone and she’d hang up so quick. Its been three weeks since they supposedly last talked. She just doesnt get it!! She goes by Princess Agbayani on facebook.

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By Ronald

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