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Do not trust Tom Stokes, Drew Pearson (Former Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver), Loud Media Group LLC, Drew Pearson Show (now known as Sports Plus Show) !!!! I paid Loud Media Group, Drew Pearson and Tom Stokes over $10,000 to film a TV commercial for me and help promote and market my small business for a period of 12 months. The contract was filled with empty promises and neither Drew, Tom or Loud Media delivered on what was guaranteed in the contact signed by all parties. Tom Stokes even agreed to a refund before dodging my phone calls, text messages, and emails for months. Tom is great at baiting small business owners by selling you on how big Drew Pearson’s name and fame will be after their upcoming movie “The Hail Mary Film”” is debuted in 2015. He lies to you and tells you that Tom Hanks is playing Tom Landry and tells a bunch of lies to bait you into believing the marketing move to hire Drew Pearson as your spokesperson for 12 months

film a TV commercial for you

promises you that you will be aired on the Drew Pearson Show

3 games in the Drew Pearson suite at Cowboys Stadium for the 2014 season

get over 100

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