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This year on Valentines day, I decided to look on my (now ex) fiance’s Facebook. There was a message from Lori saying”Happy Valentines Day Sexy. Long time no see. You single?” . He never replied so I made myself known and sent her a message introducing myself as his fiance and child’s mother. Well her response was that they were just friends and so I let it be. Well she would continue to message and he would entertain her by responding. I made myself known AGAIN and told her to back off and blocked her from his Facebook. She then made a fake account and kept on messaging him. They continued to talk and I would ask him does he want her or me. His response would be”What do I want a crackhead b**** for?” || Well May 1 came along , and I opened his phone to text messages from her (he never deleted anything out his phone) saying that she wanted him and he should”leave me and be with a real woman” . Well I confronted both of them and my fiance and I started arguing. I thought all was over between them . I was wrong because apparently she bought him a little prepaid phone just to talk to her. On May 22, my life changed. He never came home that night. He spent the night with her and the next day, she brought him, his daughter and her kids to the zoo. I sent her a message and told her how wrong they both were. She proceeded to tell me that she will get a lawyer to fight for my son. Since then , she has been on Facebook calling me all kinds of whores . I was told to leave her man alone. He has not worried about his son (he was hospitalized and everything). So because of her threatening , until he gets custody papers, he can not have my son . || Her excuse for pursuing my ex: Her ex just cheated on her so she wanted someone else to feel her pain. Yes, I know it takes two to tango, but she knew he had a woman. She still went after him. She is speaking about me as if I was the one that took her man. She told him he needs to get a DNA test for my son. The funny part is that she has kids by one of his cousins, just got out of a relationship with another cousin, and is now bragging how she took my man. This not the first time she has went after a taken man because a few other people told me that she has tried with their boyfriends. || I am heartbroken because him and I were together for a good while, but now I know that I am worth so much better. Karma will be her way soon enough.

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